Are you looking for a naturist beach in Corsica? Fortunately, there are many of them, but where can you find them? Look no further...

Corsica is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches, and luckily, many of them are naturist beaches. One of the world’s longest naturist beaches is even found on Corsica – specifically on Corsica’s east coast. Naturism is actually not allowed in Corsica, but it is allowed within established naturist tourist areas, like the ones we describe below.

There are mainly three areas on Corsica where the naturist beaches are located: on the east coast where the longest naturist beach is situated, around Porto Vecchio, and in Ajaccio Bay.

  Cala d’Aguila / Belvédère-Campomoro / West Coast

Cala d’Aguila Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. With its turquoise water, extraordinary atmosphere, beach sand, and well protected by cliffs, it is a fantastic naturist beach.

The easiest way to get to the beach is from the sea, rather than walking to the beach from the coast. However, you can walk to the beach if you start from the coastal path from Campomoro, near the Genoese tower, heading south. Be prepared for the trip to take up to 3 hours, so it might be preferable to rent a small boat to get to the beach.

  Canusellu Beach / Belvédère-Campomoro / West Coast

You will find the beach at the southern part of Pointe de Scalonu. The beach is not very crowded, despite being only an hour’s walk from Campomoro. The beach has a few sand dunes, making it possible to spread out your towel for sunbathing.

To reach the beach, you need to walk along the coast southward for about an hour from the Campomoro tower.

  Portigliolo Beach / Belvédère-Campomoro / West Coast

This sandy beach stretches over two kilometers in a protected area (despite Propriano’s airport to the north) to the mouth of the Rizzanese River. The beach is also a hangout for surfers when the weather allows.

To get to the beach, it is best to park at the exit of the village of Portigliolo and then take the path on the left side of the U’Livanti residence.

  Capitello Beach / Porticcio / West Coast

Capitello Beach in Porticcio is located north of Viva Beach, by the Genoese tower of Capitella and Lake Casavone. North of the tower, there are some small coves where people bathe nude.

To get to the beach from Ajaccio, drive towards Porticcio on N196. At the intersection to Porticci, take D55 for about 2.5 km, then turn right at the signs for cabins and hotels. Follow the road for 700 meters until you reach the beach promenade, where you can park.

  Grand Capo Beach / Ajaccio / West Coast

Grand Capo Beach, also known among the locals as “Saint Antoine,” is Ajaccio’s pride. The beach has fine yellow sand and endless turquoise blue water that blends with the sky and forms a hole in the horizon. Grand Capo is surrounded by hills and has preserved its natural beauty, almost untouched by humans. The naturist area is located at the far left of the beach.

To get to Ajaccio beach, take the Sanguinaires road for about 8 km, turn right onto D111B, and drive for about 3 km. Next, turn left, where you will find indications for the beach. From there, follow a dirt road until you reach a large parking lot.

  San Giuseppe Beach / Sagone / West Coast

San Giuseppe Beach, in Sagone, is an extension of Liamone Beach. The sandy beach stretches for over a kilometer along dense vegetation, and the naturist area itself is located at the mouth of Liamone. It’s worth noting that swimming in the area is considered dangerous due to the strong current and rough sea.

To get to the beach from Ajaccio, head towards Cargèse. After the small town of Tiuccia, continue 4 km on D81 (first you’ll reach Liamone Beach and then drive over a bridge). You’ll find a path to the left where you can walk to the beach from (about 200 meters) – so it’s a good idea to park your car along the road.

  Ricanto and Tahiti Beach / Ajaccio / West Coast

This wild sandy beach is also called Tahiti Beach and Carataghju Beach. Tahiti Beach is located in a nature reserve between the tips of Chiappa and Palombaggia Beach.

  Riva Bella Beach / Linguizzetta / East Coast

The beach is located in Linguizzetta, south of Bravone Marina, near Riva Bella’s spa resort. Note that access to the beach may be difficult depending on the season because there is a barrier at the spa resort.

  Bagheera Beach / Bravone / Linguizzetta / East Coast

This is one of the largest naturist beaches in France and my favorite beach in Corsica. The beach is located north of Bravone’s Marina, by the U Stagnolu pond.
Bagheera Beach in Linguizzetta, Corsica, is located north of Bravone’s Marina by the U Stagnolu lake.

The beach has white sand, beautiful nature, and stretches for several kilometers – and is 100% naturist. The beach itself is part of the Bagheera naturist resort/camping but is also open to others.

If you’re not staying at the resort, you can access Bagheera naturist beach via the road that is 2 km south of the entrance to Bagheera. Anyone staying at the Bagheera resort can simply walk down to the water from the resort.

  Chiosura Beach / Linguizzetta / East Coast

Chiosura Beach, in Linguizzetta, is one of the lesser-known naturist beaches on the east coast. The sandy beach is surrounded by campgrounds (with a large number of naturists) and is located about 16 km south of Cervione. The beach is hard to find, and we recommend following the instructions.

From the northern part of Cervione, take N198 heading south. Go straight after the junction of D17 (toward Chiatra and Canale Di Verde) for 1.2 km. Turn left (sign indicating Rose-Marie’s pizzeria), the road is a bit uneven. Go along a ranch with horses. Turn right after 300 meters. Follow the road for 250 meters (do not take the first road to the right, which is the entrance to the campground) and turn right onto the road. There’s a small parking lot. Access the beach via the footpath.

  Tropica Beach / Linguizzetta / East Coast

Tropica Beach, in Linguizzetta, is part of the many fantastic naturist beaches on the east coast. It is located between several campgrounds and is publicly accessible. The beach itself is a sandy beach, surrounded by small dunes. There is free parking, and there is a restaurant by the beach.

  Chiappa Beach / Porto-Vecchio / East Coast

At the tip of Chiappa, in Porto Vecchio, there are two naturist beaches. The beaches are sandy and reasonably well protected from the wind.

It can be difficult to find the beaches because there is a naturist campground at the tip (La Chiappa, camping naturiste). The best way to get to the beach is to go to Caratagju Beach and take the coastal path towards Chiappa’s lighthouse (to the left).

  Stagnolu Beach / Bonifacio / South Coast

Stagnolu Beach, in Bonifacio, is located south of Ventilegne Bay and has about 300 meters of fine, white sand. The beach is situated between mountains and cliffs and is among the wildest beaches in Bonifacio, but it is easily accessible on foot (about a 10-minute walk). Note that naturism is fully allowed on the beach, but it is also a mooring area for boats.

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