There must be no doubt, that I am crazy about Singapore! Like most other cities, there are also things that are not so great about the city. Here you find 5 not so great things about Singapore

There must be no doubt, that I am crazy about Singapore! Like most other cities, there are also things that are not so great about a city. In this post I just put the downside of Singapore. It’s sometimes nice to know the full picture before you order the tickets.

Singapore - lots of people everywhere
Singapore – lots of people everywhere

Noise and no privacy

Singapore is a city, home to almost 5 million residents, and they do, mind you live in an area only 710 sqm. It is not many square meters per. person, which also makes it the third most populated place per square meter. In other words, it is clear that such a close-populated place must also have a certain noise level – and so has Singapore!

Singapore is a noisy city, and there is almost nowhere you find quietness.

The same goes for privacy. For the same reasons as the noise, it is almost impossible to find a private area where you can be yourself. There are people everywhere – and life everywhere.

Lack of natural

There are great many things to see in Singapore. One of the things you can see in Singapore is “Gardens by The Bay”, which is a nature park. The problem is just that “Gardens by The Bay” and most other things in Singapore, is that they are not naturally created. Everything is created by human hand and I miss that something is natural in Singapore.

It would be nice to have some nature that nature itself has created – without human interference.

A lot of rules

It is almost a cliche to mention that there are many rules in Singapore, you can be fined for extremely many things. It is nevertheless true, and it may well be a bit of a mouthful with all the rules. For example, it is forbidden to chew gum, leaving waste, spit on the street, forget to flush the toilet, and it is forbidden to smoke in all public places.

Sentosa Island, Singapore
Sentosa Island, Singapore

No money, no fun in Singapore

There are not many things you can do in Singapore, without it costing money – it is easily a lot of money. Shopping is one of the great things in Singapore, and it goes without saying that it costs money to shop, especially when many of the shops are designer – and designer brands.
Then there are, of course, the entertainment areas for example ‘Sentosa island’. The island itself a Theme Park has free entrance, but everything else costs money. It is not just 50,00 Danish kroner in the entrance fee … for example, it costs about 370,00 DKK, which is not the most expensive place and it is not the lowest (you check the prices on Sentosa Island attractions here.)


Singapore is one of the most materialistic places on earth. People are eager to earn money and gain recognition and prestige. Fancy cars, nice clothes, nice house ect. is a super important factor in Singapore. Shopping centers with all the major International brands dominate over everything. It is almost scary but hangs in a thin line with that if you have no money, then you get nothing.

If you can live with the not so great things about Singapore, you face great experiences in Singapore.

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