Give yourself and those you are traveling with a high tea in Singapore! Here are 7 tips to an unforgettable high tea in Singapore!

Give yourself and those you are traveling with a high tea in Singapore! Here are 7 tips to an unforgettable high tea in Singapore!

It’s not without a reason that I am choosing to write this article about high tea in Singapore! Apart from that, I love tea, cake and small delicious delicacy (English and Asian) then Singapore is the right place where a high tea should be experienced.

I have tried a fair amount of high tea’s in Singapore and every high tea has been an experience for me – a unique experience. High tea is an afternoon arrangement in a hotel or a restaurant, where you get served delicious teas as you like and the big cake/sandwich/muffins/scones orgy! Furthermore, because high tea gets served in Singapore you will also be offered an overwhelming amount of Asian delicacy’s, like samosa, sushi, spring rolls, dim sum.

Yes – everything following the place’s menu – goodies! Everything that you can eat!

I have experienced broken chocolate in the most decorative fancy cakes, while ice formation stood and dripped to the quiet classical music. I have tried to sit in the most while it all came rolling on a cart in the direction of us. Tropical rain and Asian fragrance wrapped up into the experience of a clean “colonial style”

Give a high tea

When we last summer traveled to Singapore, I had a great high tea experience. I had gotten a ”high tea in Singapore” for my birthday from Peter and Sebastian.

When we were going to Singapore, at the start of our travel and in the ending of our travel, we decided to take our high tea on the last bit of our trip.

We planned that we would very likely that after 3 weeks in Bali, that we would like some western food – and to be ”fatten up a bit” again… or something.

The conclusion came to be when we came back from Singapore and I had a fever. Due to the fever, my appetite was nonexistent. When we had reserved a table early on, then we couldn’t come for the high teas we wished for.

Arrive we did – in Goodwood Park, which we chose because of the colonial buildings. The high tea itself was amazing, great cakes which got Sebastian filling up his plate 8 times! A fine experience – but not the experience we were going after.

Next time I will use my knowledge from this experience so that next time I will get an unforgettable high tea, that I have dreamed of.

Hightea - Goodwood Park, Singapore
Hightea – Goodwood Park, Singapore
Kagebord, hightea i Singapore
Cake table, high tea i Singapore
High tea, Goodwood Park, Singapore
Hightea på Goodwood Park, Singapore
High tea, Goodwood Park, Singapore
High tea, Goodwood Park, Singapore

7 Tips to an unforgettable high tea in Singapore

  1. Be sure to ”google” from home on where you would like to get you high tea.
  2. Choose between 3-5 places and prioritize nr. 1 ” must have” high tea!
  3. When you are in Singapore – do not wait to reserve your high tea! Do it eventually already from home, if you already have and overview over your daily schedules. You will never know if there are seats available when you arrive in Singapore. Furthermore, why miss out on the most delicious high tea, when you are in Singapore?
  4. Choose out from what you think looks the best – not where in Singapore the location is. You can easily come around Singapore and taxis are usually cheap.
  5. Spare on the food on the day you leave. There are so many delicacies to taste and if you are like me then you would want to taste everything. It is not useful to stuff yourself with food from other places before you leave…
  6. The prices are not low and the experience isn’t either. Give yourself – that one day without worrying too much about the price…
  7. Get going! Lean back and enjoy that you are in a food haven for a day.
Goodwood Park, Singapore
Goodwood Park, Singapore

Facts about high tea in Singapore

You will find your high tea around hotels and in some restaurants in Singapore. High tea consists of teas of your desires and a real cake orgy of fancy cakes and English scones, bread pudding, muffins and Asian delicacy’s in all varieties – dim sum, sushi, spring rolls etc.

Several high teas start at 15 o’clock afternoon. However, more places have expanded into ”teams” so that you can come from 12 o’clock.

Exquisite high teas in Singapore

 The Rose Veranda, Shangri-La
 Raffles Hotel
 The Knolls at Capella
Goodwood Park
Axis Bar, Mandarin Oriental
Regent Singapore

Goodwood Park, Singapore