Not sure how to behave on a naturist beach? Get 7 tips to get the best experience on the naturist beach.

You probably know the feeling of overwhelming uncertainty due to a new situation where you don’t yet know about etiquette and how you’re expected to behave. Many people feel that way the first time they visit a naturist beach. That was the case for us the first few times too.

In the beginning we were a bit unsure about whether we were doing anything wrong whenever we visited a naturist beach, but after several years of visiting naturist beaches we have eventually learned what the gos and no-gos are! Both from our own experiences but also from having talked to other naturists.

Here we will share some of the most important pieces of advice on behavior at naturist beaches, so you can go enjoy a nice day on the naturist beach.

1. Remember a towel or sarong

You may have gone to the naturist beach to be able to get naked and feel free, but most places it is good custom to wear a towel or sarong, if you’re moving around in more official places like ice cream parlors, beach bars, toilets, etc. Therefore always make sure to bring a towel or sarong with you no matter where you go, so that you can place it on restaurant chairs and the like, and thus show etiquette towards the other guests.

2. Don’t stare at other beachgoers

Don’t stare at other people’s private parts, you wouldn’t do so on a beach where people were dressed either. Of course, if you are new to naturism, you may be a little shocked by all the naked bodies with all their different shapes, but remember to show etiquette and discretion by not staring.

3. Don’t take pictures

As a starting point it is a no go to take pictures at a naturist beach. These days where pictures are easily shared on the internet, very few people wish to have their bodies perpetuated in other people’s pictures. If you want a picture of the beach’s beautiful scenery, it would be best to wait until the beachgoers have left. If you absolutely need a picture, always ask for permission to take a photo or record on a nude beach. Most of the people on the beach are probably just there to relax and enjoy life, and are not necessarily very excited about having photos taken that could end up on Instagram or other social media.

4. Don’t use binoculars

Like with pictures and videos, it is a very bad idea to use binoculars on a nude beach. It gives off the wrong signals. It’s very likely that your intention is to look at birds, but it can easily seem like the wrong thing. Therefore, wait until the beach is empty – or find a different place to pull out the binoculars.

5. Behave yourself

It’s important that everyone feels comfortable on the beach. No matter if a person is just there to lie topless or to be naked. It is not okay to make comments like ”nice breasts” or other comments about people’s bodies. Behave yourself and save the witty comments for when you find yourself in a situation where you know the person you’re commenting on is okay with it.

6. Limit the nudity

Limit the nudity to the beach. Do for example not walk naked to and from the parking lot, unless it’s a naturist parking lot.

7. No blatant sexuality

Being naturist and naked on a beach is not the same as letting one’s sexuality flow in public. Remember that naturism is also for children! However, situations may arise (just like on a textile beach), where the sight of other bodies can arouse desire and lust, but do remember this:

a) If you see a nice body, it can be hard for some people to control their own body. Take a dip in the ocean to cool down or turn around on your stomach. This advice is primarily aimed at men – especially young men visiting a naturist beach for the first time.

b) If you are visiting the beach with your partner and get aroused, refrain from doing sexual activities on the beach. Just because people are naked it doesn’t mean that they are interested in seeing you getting it on. It’s a public beach, so save the fun stuff for the bedroom, or find a different private place.

We hope that these tips and advice can make it a little easier to go to your next naturist beach and that they can help you spend some delightful days on the beach. Feeling the freedom of getting naked is a wonderful feeling and doesn’t need to be a problem as long as you just remember showing respect and good manners.


In case I have missed any advice, or if you have questions or anything else on your mind, please leave a comment