the three adventurers

Sebastian, Peter og Lise, Bali

We are a small family, consisting of Peter Vejrum Terp, Lise Kryger, and Sebastian Terp Kryger. Peter and Lise are lovers, the father and mother of Sebastian, and best friends. We met in 2003, and Sebastian was born in 2009.

We have always been travel freaks, and we have travelled a lot both before and after we met each other. After Sebastian was born, we learned that travelling doesn’t stop just because you become a parent. It is just the terms of our journeys that changed.

It is when we escape from the predefined life that great adventure unfolds.

Now we are three travellers who curiously explore the world. We know that life is precious and that we only have one life (as far as we know). Why not live it!

All the best,
Sebastian, Peter, and Lise


... more about us!


Lise is a sensitive adventurer who has decided to squeeze the lemon before she kicks the bucket in 1000 years.

She is an online entrepreneur, a blogger, an author, and a media graphic designer.

She is the founder and co-owner of the danish travel blog Eventyrsstyrelsen.dk, Lisekryger.dk and Staerkesider.dk.

She is also a member of the Danish Union of Journalists (Dansk Journalistforbund). Online entrepreneur, blogger, author and mediagraphic designer.


Sebastian is a cheerful adventurer with the desire to experience everything that can be experienced.

At 12 years old, he is always ready to get up early and is never grumpy. He is as fit as a fiddle. He is ready to experience everything intensely through his young, fresh eyes and a curious, open mind.

Despite his young age, Sebastian has already experienced 18 countries – and when you ask him, he is ready for new adventures.


Peter is a freedom junkie who loves to travel and, just like Lise, does not intend to leave this earth before everything is experienced.

He has 17+ years of experience in the travel industry and is founder and co-owner of the danish travel blog Eventyrsstyrelsen.dk and Staerkesider.dk. Peter is also founder and former co-owner of Backpackerplanet.dk.

Peter is an online entrepreneur, a blogger, a project manager, an online marketer, and a programmer.


How it all started!

We love to travel, which is also why this website’s foundation is rooted in travelling.

We have been many places in our lifetime and travelled to so many countries, both together and individually.

But suddenly, we reached a place in life where we had lost focus on what we were passionate about in a quest to make it all hang together with child, economy, and labour.

  • We needed to get the adventure back into our lives.
  • We missed travelling and experiencing more.
  • We wanted more freedom in our lives.
  • We had gotten on a track which sounded like that song, “work work work work work,” but were gaining enough money to seek and visit interesting places.

With Free Range Travellers, it has become our mission to find a way to create more freedom to travel more, both in terms of money and time.

It is a long process, and we have already made many mistakes and adjusted. We are still adjusting to building the life that we dream of.

It is a life where we are in charge of the choices that define the frame we live in. It is when we escape the predefined expectations that we unfold ourselves in the way we want, regardless of what other might think of us and our choices—we feel free.

We have made Free Range Travellers because we want to share our experiences of this process with the world. We do this by writing about our journeys, tips, and how-to’s, and most of all, just sharing our thoughts about what we experience along the way.


Our values reflects who we are – and what we stand for

Escape the predefined life – and travel more

We seek freedom in everything we do and make. And we like to push the boundaries for what is considered normal, so we can feel free. Herein lies also the longing to escape the cultural and social norms we encounter every day and impose on ourselves. It is while traveling that we discover ourselves and feel who we are deep down. That’s why we want to keep traveling.

  Intuition and gut feelings

We don’t compromise on our gut feelings. We trust that we hold most of the answers to our doubts. And we happily go the extra mile to be true to ourselves and each other.

  Challenge the status quo (Steve Jobs)

We may be fortunate enough to meet adventure in life without lifting a finger. Coincidences and miracles exist, but if we don’t seize them when they come or actively seek them out, we miss out on life’s big moments.

  Meaningful adventures

The world is full of possibilities, experiences, and adventures. The world has become open and accessible, and we have almost become the arbiters of prioritizing what adventures we want to experience. It is easy to become greedy for the quick fix, but once we are 80, looking back at our lives, what we will remember are the meaningful experiences and adventures.

  Back to you

It is so easy to lose ourselves in our daily lives. We hide behind work, our Facebook profiles, and our roles in various contexts. We usually try to present the best possible image of ourselves, in order to find confirmation that we are good enough, even though we’re each warped in our own ways.

We want to present ourselves like the people we are for better or for worse. Who we are. Part of presenting ourselves as the people we are, also include the joy of being in nature as we were created. Nude, both of body and soul. We often experience much greater open-mindedness in areas, where we can also be nude. Naturism is not a must for us, but we feel great freedom when including the option in our travels.

  The process is just as important as the goal

When we travel, we usually have a goal of experiencing particular adventures. For us, the process before we leave is important. Of course, the journey is essential, but the adventures exist even after the trip. In our thoughts, memories, and stories.

It is important to us to see the whole and not just to be checklists. The processes are how we learn and how we develop.

  Intentional adventures

When we travel and experience adventures, we place great emphasis on various values. It matters to us that we travel with consideration for the environments and places we visit. We value eco-experiences that demonstrate concern for nature and the environment.

And we have a great appreciation for being in areas and cultures where we sense a connection between tourism and the locals along with their culture and environment.

You might call us some sort of tech hippies. We are not flowered children, but we certainly bring love and peace with us, when we experience the world.

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