You can find numerous naturist beaches in Crete, but naturism is still not fully accepted everywhere on the island. Find naturist beaches in Crete here.

You can find numerous naturist beaches in Crete, but naturism is still not fully accepted everywhere on the island. The south coast is the place in Crete where you will find the most naturist beaches. I have compiled a list of the naturist beaches I know about in Crete. The list below is sorted counterclockwise from the southwestern part of the island.


Elafonissi Beach, on on the southwest corner of the island, is one of the best beaches. It is very possible that the main beach is crowded with people but if you cross the shallow water to a nearby island, and walk a few minutes along the coast, you will find plenty of deserted beach where you can swim without a shred of clothes on your body.


This beautiful sandy beach is still used by naturists. To find the naturist areas you have to walk approx. 250 meters to the right if you are standing by the hotels and look towards the sea.


The beach of Sougia is 1.2 km. long and is the longest beach in the southwest of Crete. Sougia beach is in some places up to 70 meters wide – which means that there is plenty of space for beach guests. You will find the naturist area at the east end of the beach.

  Agia Roumeli

Agia Roumeli is a long beach with fine pebbles by the deep blue, crystal clear Libyan Sea. To find the naturist beach, head east on the main beach until you cross the Samaria River.

  Agios Pavlos

Walk east for about an hour from Agia Roumeli and you end up on the almost deserted beach. It’s a long trip – so remember to bring plenty of water.

  Sweet Water Beach (Glykanera)

The beach is located close to the town of Chora Sfakion on the south coast of Crete. You will find that the beach water is very clean, which is due to natural springs. There are several who choose to pitch a tent on the beach to stay there for longer. The beach is perfect for naturists!


Naturist beach Filaki consists of pebbles and the water is clear and blue. The beach itself is located in a lovely scenic area with the most beautiful water and it is one of the few official naturist beaches in Crete

The naturist beach is just outside Hora Sfakion.


This beach is located on the south coast of the Chania region. There are three different beaches in the Frangokastello area. The easternmost part of the area’s long beach is a naturist beach.


Souda beach is divided so approximately half is naturist beach and the other part textile. But with a slightly more mixed division between nude / swimwear. However, the easternmost part of the beach is predominantly naturist beach.

The beach is more coarse-grained and deep faster and there are rocky outcrops. Snorkeling is great here, with clear water and plenty of fish. We have seen an octopus here which came right up on the beach.

There are also beach chairs and a tavern. Again with a cozy atmosphere.


Plakias is a small town in southern Crete where nothing much happens. The town has shops and restaurants and is beautifully located in a large bay with a beautiful mountainous hinterland and a large beach in the town.

The western end of the beach is naturist beach. The best part is that it is also the very best part of the beach in the bay with the finest sand and trees for shade. You can rent beach chairs on the beach and there is a shower.

The beach is child friendly as it is not deep until far out into the water and there are rarely waves.

Everyone on the beach is naked so the atmosphere is cozy and relaxed.


Ammoudaki beach is a small beach surrounded by rocks and facing the sea. The beach is maybe 80-100% naturist.

The beach consists of pebbles, gets deep quickly and may well have some waves.

There are also sun loungers and a small cozy snack bar. The atmosphere is also quite cozy here.


This beach is also known to be a nesting place for sea turtles and one must be very careful not to disturb them. The beach is located north of Matala and is probably one of the best naturist beaches in Crete.


Falassarna beach is possibly the only sandy beach on the west coast. The beach is long and continues into a few small coves to the north. It is also on the northern part of the beach that you can sunbathe naked.

  Here you will find the various naturist beaches in Crete

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