Are you dreaming of medieval romance, quality, peace, and enjoyment on your next trip to Harz? Then check out Hotel Alte Münze!

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If you’re going to Goslar, there’s a particular hotel you must experience! The hotel is one of the city’s oldest buildings and is located in the old town, actually right in the heart of the city where it all happens, namely the newly restored and award-winning Hotel Alte Münze! Just take a look here to see why…

Hotel Alte Münze

When you arrive in Goslar and drive towards Hotel Alte Münze, there are small signs by the road that show the direction to the hotel as you approach.

At first glance, we thought that the small hotel we had just parked our car near was Hotel Alte Münze. And when we entered the hotel, it was indeed Hotel Alte Münze. But it wasn’t until a bit of searching that we discovered how large the hotel actually is. The hotel consists of two (very) large and (very) beautiful buildings that have been combined. The reception was located in the other building than the one we first entered.

Both buildings, which are adjacent to each other, have courtyards with roses, tables, and benches. One courtyard is kept in a beautiful and idyllic style, while the other courtyard is kept in a classic modern style. Both buildings were built in the Middle Ages and have been restored several times.

Despite the fact that we were in the middle of the city, there was peace and a buzz of guests enjoying the warmth and afternoon sun. This was already a good sign.

One of the courtyards in Hotel Alte Münze is very atmospheric and romantic. This courtyard belongs to the building "The White Swan".
One of the courtyards in Hotel Alte Münze is very atmospheric and romantic. This courtyard belongs to the building “The White Swan”.

The building where the reception and restaurant are located was previously a “coin office” from 1509. Goslar was formerly a mint town because of the noble metals they extracted from the Rammelsberg mine. In this Gothic building, the coins were stamped before being sent out into the world. It was in this building that we were lucky enough to stay overnight.

The Room

Not only were we assigned a large, beautiful, and well-restored family room, but we were also lucky enough to be located right on the beautiful Marktstrasse, with a direct view of the large Marktkirche Goslar.

The hotel room we stayed in was large, spacious, and had a beautiful bay window facing the street. The room was clearly newly restored and kept in a beautiful, classic style, with respect for the room’s history and style.

The family room we had at Hotel Alte Münze, Goslar.
The family room we had at Hotel Alte Münze, Goslar.
Altemunze Rum1
Altemunze Vand

The room was nicely lit and had good storage space for both clothes and luggage. In the hotel room, we found complimentary water provided for us. It was quite nice after a full day on the highway. Although we always make sure to have plenty of water on our road trips, it still surprises us every time how thirsty we are when we arrive at our destinations.

The bathroom was large, new, clean, and luxurious. Beautifully and simply furnished with an eye for the important things. The large shower with the family showerhead was a total luxury for us. On a daily basis, we have a 110-liter hot water tank that we share among the three of us. Pure family pleasure.

Altemunze Rum1
Altemunze Shower

Just outside Hotel Alte Münze hangs their beautiful sign. The sign naturally invites guests to stay overnight, but also to the restaurant, which is located in the same building. In the background, there is a window open – that’s where we stayed.

The sign just outside Hotel Alte Münze, where we stayed in Goslar. In fact, it's our room window that is open in the background.
The sign just outside Hotel Alte Münze, where we stayed in Goslar. In fact, it’s our room window that is open in the background.

It was wonderful to come back to the spacious room when we had been out experiencing during the day, open the windows, put our feet up, and let the day’s impressions and adventures settle down. The beds were good, as were the mattresses.

Sleeping well at night is highly prioritized in our family, but sleep alone is not enough. Food is also needed… So, how was the food?

The Restaurant

Our first visit to Hotel Alte Münze’s restaurant was on the first night. Here we went down to have a little nightcap aka Gin and Tonic and Gingerbeer for the boy. The heat was still hanging over Goslar, and we sat outside in the courtyard as darkness fell. Here we talked about the day’s journey and first impressions of Harz and what adventures tomorrow would bring us.

Our next visit to the restaurant was for breakfast buffet. And what a buffet… there were all kinds of delicacies, fresh and crispy, hot and cold. Freshly baked bread, breakfast products, cold cuts, cheeses, sausages, fruits, cakes, and champagne. And of course, fresh juices, juices, tea, and coffee. We indulged and enjoyed our morning coffee and prepared for the day ahead.

Later, we also had dinner here. We were actually quite fond of the restaurant, both the food and drinks – but most of all because of the peace. We like it when there is life around us. But we love it when there is both life and peace. We could sit quietly as a family, talk in peace and enjoy that others did the same. The food was delicious, yes tip-top, and the staff incredibly kind, accommodating, and seemed happy to be present, which influenced us as guests.

Sebbe Altemunze
Altemunze Kantareller

You can choose to sit outside in the restaurant’s courtyard, but you can also choose to sit inside. We sat both inside and outside… both places suited us well.

The restaurant at Hotel Alte Münze in Goslar is really delicious.... Here we are enjoying the breakfast buffet...
The restaurant at Hotel Alte Münze in Goslar is really delicious…. Here we are enjoying the breakfast buffet…

Sleeping and eating are good. But what else do you get offered at Hotel Alte Münze?

What facilities do you get at Hotel Alte Münze?

Hotel Alte Münze offers you the opportunity to sleep peacefully in one of their atmospheric, historical rooms with wooden floors and beams in the ceiling. The style is a blend of old and new – new, spacious bathrooms! The rooms offer complimentary mineral water, internet, and TV.

You get a breakfast buffet at the hotel. A delicious one at that. And you can choose to have a tasty dinner in their wonderful restaurant – and enjoy one or two drinks at their bar.

The hotel’s courtyards are lovely to enjoy your meals in. Both morning, noon, and night. Or just sit over a drink and chat, play cards, or simply enjoy life.

Altemunze Reception
Altemunze Restaurantgaard

What can you find around Hotel Alte Münze?

Hotel Alte Münze is really well situated if you wish to explore the old town on foot. The hotel is located right across from the beautiful Marktkirche Goslar, and only a few minutes walk from Marktplatz Goslar. The hotel is also nicely positioned in relation to the many restaurants and cafes you find in the city.

The street around Hotel Alte Münze

The street around Hotel Alte Münze

If you turn a bit further down the street, along the hotel, you will find several streets filled with shops and a shopping mall. The hotel is also within walking distance to the large imperial palace “Kaiserpfalz”. Right behind Hotel Alte Münze, you also find this nice little square, Schuhhof.

Right behind Hotel Alte Münze, you'll find a small cozy square - Schuhhof.
Right behind Hotel Alte Münze, you’ll find a small cozy square – Schuhhof.

Our Review

It’s no secret that we’re quite fond of Hotel Alte Münze! The place is unique, and we felt very honored to stay in such a beautiful and old building. The room was perfect for us, spacious, bright, clean, and peaceful. The hotel exudes history and charm…and we fell in love with it. The food is delicious, and the staff is in a good mood. The courtyard is peaceful even when there are many guests at once (for example, during breakfast buffet). There’s plenty of adventure factor here, and if you’re going to Goslar, don’t miss out on staying at this charming hotel.


  Hotel Alte Münze

  Hotel Alte Münze, Goslar – Harzen