Familie eventyr - Amed

A family adventure in Bali

In the video below you can check out some of the great adventures, you can expect from Bali.

Create adventure with your travel pictures – 10 tips for fantastic travel photos

10 easy steps to learn how you can create fantastic travel pictures. This will make your photos interesting and worth sharing.

The view from Bagheera, Corsica

Naked joy of a slow vacation

Do you know the feeling of starting the morning slow and naked? I had almost forgotten that feeling - here's my story of rediscovering that sensation.

Travl kvinde ved Ratchaburi, Thailand

Visit the Floating Market Damnoen Saduak in Thailand for an Amazing Experience!

Thailand has so much to offer. Among other things, floating markets, where the Thailanders sail in and hawk their wares.

St. Hermaine, Loire Valley

No Money, but We Wanted to Travel

What do you do if you have no money but insist that you want to travel to get away from the dreary Danish weather?

Tag et tjek på Prag

Check out the Czech Capital – Prague

Are you considering a quick trip to somewhere in Europe? And which is beautiful, exciting, cultural, and preferably inexpensive? If so, Prague is definitely an option you should consider!

Singapore gardens by the bay

This is why, Singapore is worth a revisit!

Do you go back to a misfire? Of course not! But what about success then? Should you go back to a success and cross your fingers that the success repeats itself?

Barcelona, Spanien

The 5 amazing adventure you will not want to miss in Barcelona

There should be no doubt that both Peter and I love Barcelona! Barcelona is the city that in the World appeals to us the very most: This is why!

Rejser du med angst i bagagen - tips til at håndtere angsten

Do You Travel with Anxiety in Your Luggage? Get 9 Tips for Less Anxiety when You Travel!

Do You Travel with Anxiety in Your Luggage? Don't worry – Get 9 Tips for Less Anxiety when You Travel!