Wawa Wewe, Amed, Bali

This was where we found the Bali we were looking for: Wawa Wewe II

Do you dream of finding a place in Bali where the days go by with waves, tranquility, and happy days? Then Wawa Wewe is probably the place for you too!

Dim sum in Singapore

Go on Din Tai Fung – and Get Fabulous Dim Sum

Many years ago, I experienced a feast in Singapore, where I was served dim sum. I had no idea what it was, but I was completely sold on it. Dim sum was pretty near the best thing I had ever tasted back then.

Sebastian spiser indonesisk mad. Bali.

7 Great Places to Eat in Ubud, Bali

Do you like food? Do you like Indonesian food? And are you up for a serving of vegetarian – and maybe vegan – food? If so, Ubud probably isn’t the worst place for you to go.

Tirta Gangga - Bali

On a snorkeling trip to Tirta Gangga Palace

The water palace Tirta Gangga is one of the most romantic gardens in the World.

Billede af fsHH

Only a suit, a toothbrush, and a pair of underwear

Two short stories about traveling light. Not that I've lost 30 kg, but "light" in terms of traveling with very little luggage and why it makes sense.

Udsigten er fin her på Fyrkat

The Adventurous Fyrkat of the Vikings

It was late summer when we (Sebastian, Lise and myself) chose to go on a Viking adventure, and drove out to the Danish country to visit Fyrkat near Hobro.

Lübecks gader har sharme og er inspirerende at gå i

Spontaneous trip to Lübeck – but we forgot something

Early Friday night. We talked a little about how we wanted to spend the weekend. We could do with a little change of pace. As we often do, we searched on my favorite website “Google Maps” to find inspiration for our next adventure.