Do you know the feeling of starting the morning slow and naked? I had almost forgotten that feeling - here's my story of rediscovering that sensation.

Finally, vacation

Like most people, I have a busy and sometimes stressful daily life. That’s why I was looking forward to my vacation, which this time was going to Corsica, France. We were going to stay in a bungalow at the naturist campsite Bagheera.

Bagheera is located on the northeastern side of the island, an area with fewer tourists and overall fewer people. Bagheera is situated in untouched nature by the beach, where bungalows and camping spots are nestled in the shade of trees. All of this makes it an ideal place to find peace, harmony, and relaxation.

Starting to unwind

The first few days were really nice and relaxing, and we managed to see several of the exciting attractions on the island. However, the true sense of relaxation and harmony didn’t come until 5 days into the vacation. A kind of daily rhythm had been established – and suddenly, I realized that what I was feeling right now was how life should be. Not the stressful life where there’s constantly a new deadline ahead.

I started to think about what made me feel this peace – the answer was right in front of me, of course. The answer lay in the daily “routine” – the routine at Bagheera consisted of the following.

A typical day at Bagheera

It was really simple – the day looked like this:

Wake up when the boy wakes me up
Make a pot of coffee
Go naked onto the veranda to drink coffee while the world around us starts to wake up
Have some breakfast with the family
The whole family goes down to the beach – still naked. Enjoy the wonderful water for an hour or two
Prepare and have a nice fresh meal
Venture out to an interesting place in the world
Come back to our bungalow and go straight to the water for a naked dip
Make a good dinner, eat, and drink some good French wine
Take a walk in the lovely nature and have another naked dip
Time for our son to sleep
Drink some wine, gaze at the stars, and have deep conversations with Lise

What if this was everyday life – the way we lived every day? It would be wonderful. I had completely forgotten how nice it feels to be naked all day and simply enjoy life in nature.

Corsica, France