This salad is inspired by Corsican flavors and aromas, it is easy to make and it tastes good. A perfect salad as a light meal or as a side dish.

Are you in Corsica? And do you want to experience a Corsican delicacy to take home and use in your own cooking? Then drive past a Corsican supermarket and bring a few myrtle vinegars home in your suitcase. Here you get an idea of what you can use it for.

We made this amazing red cabbage salad after our third trip to Corsica in 2015. We had brought home some different Corsican delicacies that we were looking forward to sampling. Among other things, myrtle vinegar. Once we discovered how delicious it tastes, we promised ourselves to buy some more to take home, when we went down there again this summer.

So we did. This time, however, not without difficulty. We searched all the Corsican supermarkets we visited to find the wonderful drops, but without success. It wasn’t until we had an hour to spend, before we had to take the ferry home, that we found a bottle. But only one. The joy of recognition was great when we were again allowed to taste the lovely taste that myrtle gives.

Here you get the light and fantastically tasty red cabbage salad with Corsican myrtle vinegar – which we have enjoyed so much in the past – and now again.

You can mix the salad in 10-15 minutes (depending on how fast you can cut with a knife).

But before you get started, we think you should know what myrtle really is…

What exactly is myrtle vinegar?

As the word itself indicates, myrtle vinegar, vinegar is made with myrtle. Myrtle is a small evergreen shrub with white plants and dark blue berries, which has been known in the Mediterranean region ever since ancient times. The berries contain essential oils and are therefore used both in food and in the manufacture of liqueurs, perfumes and vinegar.

Myrtle is a part of the many plants and shrubs that cover almost half of Corsica (also called maki) and that spread the well-known Corsican fragrance that especially penetrates when the shadows get longer and the sun’s rays are not so strong. The maki is especially fragrant in the evening and it is among other things the essential oils from myrtle that you can smell.

Myrtle vinegar has a very special aroma, is rosy in color and tastes heavenly. Just try to mix it in your dressings as we do it in the salad below.

Myrteeddike Hældes Op


1/3 red pointed cabbage
2 sweet apples
2 tbsp. myrtle vinegar
4 tbsp. Sour cream (at 9%)
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. A little honey or sugar
A handful of almonds or other nuts

Red cabbage salad with apples – cooking

1) Rinse the cabbage
2) Cut the red pointed cabbage into small cubes

The red pointed cabbage are cut into small cubes
The red pointed cabbage are cut into small cubes

3) Cut the apple into thin slices

 The apples are cut into thin slices
The apples are cut into thin slices

4) Mix apples and cabbage in a bowl
5) Mix salad with dressing
6) Cut almonds and possible. other nuts into small pieces (use. blender) and put them on top of the salad.

Handful of almonds
Handful of almonds
 The almonds are chopped
The almonds are chopped

Dressing for the salad
The dressing is created by mixing oil, myrtle vinegar, sour cream and honey. To the taste dressing with honey, and salt.

The Cosican honey that we bought on Corsica
The Cosican honey that we bought on Corsica
Red cabbage salad with Corsican myrtle vinegar and honey
Red cabbage salad with Corsican myrtle vinegar and honey