Review of Gerebig Bungalows in Ubud

Gerebig - Ubud
It is rare, that I have felt so much joy to stay somewhere as I did, when we stayed at Gerebig Bungalows in Ubud, summer 2016.

Gerebig located in the famous artists’ village of Penestanan, in the outskirts of Ubud. It is a very short distance to the city, it will take around 15 to 20 minutes to go downtown, however you will get the great advantage that you get rid of the massive noise, which is often in the town of Ubud.

Gerebig consists of a number of buildings that was built back in 1989. However you can not see that the buildings are relatively old, since the owners Wayan & Kadek maintain the buildings and gardens regularly. The Rooms at Gerebig Bungalows are bright, spacious and comfortable, and to all rooms there is a really lovely veranda.

The place atmosphere is absolutely fantastic and the garden is something for themselves. In the room we stayed in, we woke up every morning with a wonderful view of small rice fields, which are located in the center of the garden, on the Gerebigs land. These same rice fields we sat and looked at every night, while we drank a beer, the cicada sang and we talked about the day’s adventures.

Food and bevarages

Breakfast is included in the price of lodging, which will be served on the veranda each morning. The Breakfast includes fresh fruit, a banana pancake with coffee or tea.

Right across from Gerebig is Alchemy Cafe, they serve fantastic raw food. If you are not to raw food, there are many other good restaurants nearby. They serve great good food at fairly reasonable prices. You can usually also get a beer at the restaurants.

Pool in the nature

One of the beautiful things about Gerebig is their stunning scenic pool, which is located at the end of the small rice fields. The pool is surrounded by greenery, which is providing a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It is fantastic to cool off in the pool after a long day in the hot sun.

At the end of the pool there is a small pavilion, where they several times a day put down small wicker baskets with offerings to the Hindu gods. The small ceremony with sacrifices is a beautiful little ritual that usually is performed by one of the family’s daughters.


  Gerebig, Bali – Indonesia

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