What do you do, when it is early April, you have a raincheck for accommodations, and the weather at home is rainy and cold?

Some might put another log on the fire, go to the movies, or go to the vacation home… We let the fire burn out and jumped in the car, driving south across the border to spend the night in Flensburg.

We do that sometimes. Mostly when we need to feel a little foreign soil under our feet, get away from the computer (and work), and hear a language besides Danish.

The weather at home was rainy with an Easter chill, and even though the weather wasn’t much better 200 km to the south than in Aarhus where we live, it still felt good to cross the border. Flensburg is not significantly different from any Danish city… the attraction is just to get a little whiff of the world beyond our borders.

The streets in Flensburg, in april
The streets in Flensburg, in april

We arrived in the rain, and it rained for most of the 24 hours we were gone. But going south 200 km still made enough of a difference that small buds on trees and bushes were a little closer to coming out than they were at home. Tiny tender, light green leaves were giving the trees colour, and tiny flowers had burst into bloom.

Flensborg houses
Flensborg houses

Occasionally the sun appeared between the clouds, giving the city a clear, luminescent hue. Because of Easter, the streets were almost empty, and only a few stores were open.

Flensburg Garden
Flensburg Shop

We were staying by the harbor, so the minute the rain stopped, we hurried across the street, across the train tracks, and down to the harbor. Every city should be seen from its harbor if it has one.

The railway in Flensburg
The railway in Flensburg

Flensburg is actually beautiful when you go to the other side of the harbor and look toward the city. It clearly has a history that can be sensed in its architecture and development.

Flensburg Harbour
Flensburg fishingboat

Eat delicious food in Flensburg

Before, when making a quick trip to Flensburg, we never knew where to eat well. Unfortunately, we always ended up eating at restaurants that didn’t serve good food.

Now we know at least two places where we ate well and whose food we can recommend.

One place is named Peter Pane and is located right by the town square, from which one road goes to the harbor. Here we have sat outside in summer and inside in winter. What we like about the place is the fact that we can eat vegetarian dishes, which is not a must for us – but they actually do it quite well!

The other place was one we tried for the first time this Easter. It is the Spanish tapas restaurant La Tasca, which impressed us a lot. Aside from delicious Spanish tapas, it is also just a very cozy, authentic Spanish restaurant, we just couldn’t resist.

We get the impression that Flensburg has developed is a repertoire of food over the last few years. We are very happy about that because it gives us a good reason, not just to make a quick trip across the water, but also to drive into Flensburg to eat lunch or dinner if we happen to be road-tripping nearby.

  Flensburg – Germany