There should be no doubt that both Peter and I love Barcelona! Barcelona is the city that in the World appeals to us the very most: This is why!

Are you considering taking a trip to Barcelona? Then read on here:

There should be no doubt that both Peter and I love Barcelona! Barcelona is the city that in the World appeals to us the very most:
– because:

  • Barcelona lays by the ocean
  • There are beaches and beautiful ocean close to the town
  • The town is buzzing with life – around the clock and year-round
  • You can visit Barcelona year-round
  • In Barcelona is light in the winter and bright hot in the summer.

We have been there several times, summer and winter, we have even celebrated New Year’s eve in the mountains a little north of the town.

Here are 5 of the adventures that we love so much – and that is why we return to Barcelona time and again.

1. Park Güell – Gaudis Have

You will find Park Güell on top of the hill El Carmen. The park was designed by Antoni Gaudi in the years 1900-1914 and is regarded today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Besides the breathtaking views of Barcelona, the park is a true adventure to move around in.

Here are rough, intricate stone constructions decorated by mosaics of ceramic tiles in beautiful colors.

Enjoying the Parc Güell

The Garden of Gaudi
The Garden of Gaudi

2. Sagrada Familia

This huge and unfinished church is overwhelming in its dark vastness and almost ugly look.

The adventure starts as soon as you approach the large building and discovering the many – insane – fairy-tale details that pop up around all that ugly. They reflect the diversity, richness and a sublime love of surprises and beauty.

It is as if nature creeps into all the divine and slowly takes over.

Gaudi started his masterpiece Sagrada Familia in 1884 and worked on this for 40 years. After his death in 1926, the work slowly continued – nobody has laid long-term plans, as Gaudi’s models were destroyed in the Spanish Civil War.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


3. Barceloneta

No Barceloneta – No Barcelona!

Barceloneta is for me the reason for Barcelona’s beauty, – it is as if the summer penetrates into the city – precisely because of this district.

Barceloneta is the small branching of the city stretching out to the Harbor with open house blocks and beaches along the east side.

This is where we take down to the light, children playing soccer, the sparkly life of everyday trips, and fresh sea wind cheeks.


Barcelonetta in january
Barcelonetta in january

It was also on the beach in Barceloneta we drank New Year’s morning coffee in the sunshine (Sal Cafe), and dreamed about never to go back to cold Denmark again.

It was also on the beach in Barceloneta where we experienced, that people took off their winter clothing to take a dip – also January 1st…as if it were perfectly natural.

It is perfectly normal in Barceloneta – in one of Europes biggest cities.

4. Barri Gotti – Latin Quarter

Then there is the Latin Quarter Barri Gotic. The district in Barcelona that goes back in history to the otherwise modern city.

Here is culture, tapas bars, restaurants and art dealers, ancient churches, and pigeon flapping their wings.

The adventures began here centuries ago, and you can find them here still…

The latin quarter of Barcelona
The latin quarter of Barcelona

5. Montserrat

Far out in the Horizon small mountain can be seen. Montserrat. On the small mountain (1236 meter high) is a small monastery.

We had to take a “cable car” to get up there – and I must admit that the heart flew up in my throat when it suddenly came to a halt in the middle of the mountain – and on one side of the cable car was a drop of several 100 meters down.

But up we came with another cable car – and what an adventure! Look at the stunning view!


A Little Facts about Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia.

The population of the town: approximately 1,5 million – with capitals: approximately 4,5 million.

The city is located on Spain’s eastern coast – out to the Mediterranean.

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