The Vikings adventuros Fyrkat

Fyrkatcenter, Hobro, Denmark
This little adventure actually started back in the year 980, when Harald Bluetooth was the Viking king.

– he (Harald Bluetooth) chose to erect the Fyrkat fortress, which is one of the five fortresses (with ring fortress surrounding buildings) that exist in Denmark.

It was late summer when we (Sebastian, Lise and myself) chose to go on a Viking adventure, and drove out to the Danish country to visit Fyrkat near Hobro. The weather was not the best but wow, we were surprised by a fantastic area that met us. A lovely countryside and the feeling that here is were history arose for many, many years.

The Fyrkat Center

The first thing that met us was the Fyrkat center. Here you gain insight into how the daily life has been on the Viking farms. Here time can easily go by, as it is fascinating to see how, among other wrought iron, vegetable gardens, and other parts of the Viking farms worked.

The Fyrkat

Here Sebastian is standing and admiring the large space that was once the Fyrkat. On the site you will see white markings showing where the buildings once were standing. It is fascinating to look out over the square and imagine what it must have looked like back then, when there were buildings and life in the square.


The Reconstruction

Just outside the ramparts one of the old buildings are reconstructed. It provides a fascinating insight into how the buildings would have looked like, and gives extra spice to my ideas about how Fyrkat have been back in the year 980. The reconstruction is one of the 16 longhouses, which have been placed in Fyrkat.

Sebastian, Fyrkat, Hobro, Denmark

All in all, it was fascinating to get an insight into our Viking history in the lovely countryside. The best has definitely been to see Sebastian easily gets excited about everything from the olden days.

It woke playfulness and was an adventure for us all third.


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