Do you go back to a misfire? Of course not! But what about success then? Should you go back to a success and cross your fingers that the success repeats itself?

Or is it better to cap a good experience in a time warp and then say, this was it – and seek your fortune somewhere new?

I asked myself that question when we on our last trip had to choose which countries we wanted to experience. For several reasons, Singapore was among our selected countries, a country which I over the period from 1992-1995 visited several times prolonged period of time.

For over 20 years I have not visited the Country, and the many visits and experiences I have had in Singapore were the memories of a bygone era, enclosed in a hermetically sealed time capsule that I just opened when I was reminded of those by the family (and the special scents).

Another World

Singapore was my first stepping stone into the big World on the other side of the Globe. Singapore was tropical, hot and then so totally, completely different. There were large fan-like palm trees along the roads and a humidity that got me sweating big wet patches anywhere on my clothing.

Back then, Singapore was the most exotic place I have ever experienced and the pulse of City gave me temporary cardiac gaps. All of it and the pulse hung together again when the turn signal turned green and the steady stream of people passed over the road at Orchard Road, or the Indian lashed “a hot curry” and a bubbly Tiger Beer over the counter in Little India.

Not to speak of Chinatown, with its old shops and the small Chinese “snacks”…

Yes, the memories had probably become a bit less emotional with time.


chinatown singapore
chinatown singapore

Little India, Singapore
Little India, Singapore

Would Singapore be able to live up to my expectations?

Would a revisit be successful? Or had the City and I changed us to a mismatch that would only disappoint me and destroy the memories about my tropical melting pot?

I could not resist the temptation to relive the City and test whether we still matched. Now it was not longer just me and Sebastian, but now it was Singapore with me and my little family, Peter and Sebastian.

I took the chance.

We travelled from Hamburg to Singapore, where we were staying for 3 days. Thereafter 3 weeks on Bali, to finally use 4 days in Singapore before returning home.

Was Singapore a revisit worth after 20 years?

Oh Yes… now you shall hear why?

This is why Singapore is worth a revisit!

1. Rests in itself
Singapore has a hold of its backbone. The City rests with its multicultural pulse on strong legs and is evolving rapidly. I saw that although it was 20 years ago since I had last visited the City and that many things had changed, buildings had been demolished or rebuild that the City and the Singaporeans has a hold in their roots and history that they cherish.

Singapore was worth the revisiting because it is a real City with real people who live and breathe their daily lives, completely untouched, and at the same time completely influenced by the outside World. It provides a state of tension that shimmers and wakes me.

2. Surprising development
As I remember Singapore in the 90ish, they were not afraid of taking the lead. Not even when the preceding implementation of unusual solutions or to raise their highest of the stars. Singapore is constantly evolving. And when they can go no further, they will only make the road longer.

Everything is possible. Not more land to live on? Then we just build upwards. No more up? Then we are expanding just with new land in the Ocean. Here we have a green island – and in no time, the island changed into an amusement park island. (Even though the island is not for me, it surprised me that they had managed to get Universal Studios to the island.)

Singapore surprises with their giant Casino – Marina Sands and the giant flowers in their new reclaimed rural areas – Gardens by the Bay.

3. The City that offers you everything
What do you want to eat? Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Japanese, Italian, Argentine… or how about Danish? You can get just what you want ( especially if you take the time to explore where).

Or what do you want to do? Lay on the Beach, be entertained, go shopping, go party, go to the movies, eat at the top of a skyscraper – feels quite pointless to continue… you can almost get everything in Singapore. It was certainly that feeling, I got when I was there.

A revisit with Singapore would will in all warranty could satiate even the most travelled with something – there is enough to do.

chinatown - Singapore
chinatown – Singapore

4. World-class gastronomy (also for the poor rob)
And now that we are talking about felling full. The last time we were in Singapore the food was good. But often I when I ate out I would end up with stomach problems.

This did not happen this time. And we hate out every day.

You can find these small street kitchens that are gathered in the Food hawkers Centre in many places in the City. Here you can get all the delicious food that your heart desires and for a very small price in comparison with the many and often more expensive restaurants. The food is great and you can get food experiences you never dreamed of existed.

Have you visited Singapore several times before you would probably already have tried them. But if you think about it, you will probably be able to remember how many different possibilities there were to choose from. There are still plenty of food adventure you have yet to try!

Do you love food? Then Singapore is worth a revisiting!

5. Same same – but with more!
Singapore is in many ways like Singapore also was for 20 years ago. Pretty much…

I noticed that Denmark is still famous for “Michaels Learns to Rock” and that they both play them and Marie Frank in the shopping centres and in the taxis. Orchard Road is still the same, however, the many McDonalds and Hard Rock Cafes are replaced with Starbucks that you will find at almost every 20 meters you would go.

Singlish (Singapore-Engelsk) overall, Mandarin (Chinese language), the green sea water with the many tankers, silo buildings, bridges with the pink flower beds of the East Coast Park Highway and not to forget, the trickling silence of the Raffel Hotel. Not to talk about the carpet in Shangi Airport… Actually, I think it’s the same as in the 90ish – soft, brown, and hot.

But where is so much more, and I have got to find out that I could not be satisfied because I also had changed. Singapore was evolved. I was 44 years old, married and the mother of Sebastian who is 7 years old. I saw it all with new eyes even though I recognised it.

You who is travelling and revisiting Singapore… you will see it all with what you are carrying in your backpack – everything is the same but now it is just with more!

6. Arouse the emotions to life
Are you afraid that you will not feel anything by the revisiting? Do not worry, that part Singapore takes care of – just go down to the Gardens by the Bay for the light show at 19:45 each evening. Here you will be bombarded with soaring flowers reaching up into the sky, laser show and music that evokes everything that is reminiscent of great feelings in you.

Are you one of those super sensitive types, get yourself prepared with handkerchiefs and let go -this is your time!


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

  Facts about Singapore

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore is an island nation, that is located at the Southern tip of the Malay PeninsulaThe Country is located 137 kilometres north of the equator, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and the north of the Indonesian Riau Islands.Area: 719,1 km²
Populations: about 5,4 Million.
Currency: Singaporean Dollars.
Official language: English, Tamil, Malay, Standard Mandarin.

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